Consultant Benevolent Scheme


WHY CBS? (Specialty, you won't find anywhere)

Biggest Highlights of CBS:

Unlike other Term plans in the market, No Medical check-up is required to become a CBS Member.

It’s not easy to get Term plans for everyone considering strict norms by Insurance regulators for issuing a term policy. If you’re only a Diabetic or hypertensive, your chances are less to get a regular policy. Whereas if you have undergone any major surgery like bypass, etc. you’re sure not to get a policy for yourself.

Thanks to AMC, for bringing out CBS for its Members, irrespective of their current Health condition.

Our Highlights

You can change the nominee at any stage if required
Non-Medico Spouse can also become a member of CBS by paying only Rs. 1000 extra along with the Scheme Joining Fee. Yearly Contribution fee remains the same as an AMC member for non-spouse.
Minimum Paperwork
Guaranteed Amount payable to the nominee, on unfortunate event of Death or Total Disability of the member.
 Lifelong Validity: Annual Contribution 

Who can Join this scheme?
AMC member’s & Spouses (A Non-medico & Non-AMC Member “spouse” can also enrol for CBS by paying ₹1000 Extra towards the Scheme Joining Fee).

Age At any age you can join the scheme Maximum Age 65yrs

Each member while joining the scheme has to pay
a) Scheme Membership Fee according to the age group (once in lifetime) (This Includes Advance Contribution of Rs. 6000 refundable but interest free.)
b) Annual contribution : Fixed + Variable (for a fixed tenure of 25 years from joining the scheme).

✔ Fixed at present Rs. 400 per year
✔ Variable: Rs 1000 per death or Total physical disability, of any CBS Member.

Scheme joining fee (1 time only) + Contribution* for 25 years.

Table of admission fee payable (at the time of joining the scheme):

Age AMC Member & AMC Spouse Member EACH Non Member Spouse
Below the age of 40 completed 10300 11300
Below the age of 45 completed 12900 13900
Below the age of 50 completed 19400 20400
Below the age of 55 completed 25900 26900
Below the age of 60 completed 32400 33400
Below the age of 61 completed 38900 39900
Below the age of 62 completed 45400 46400
Below the age of 63 completed 51900 52900
Below the age of 64 completed 58400 59400
Below the age of 65 completed 64900 65900

✔ Benevolent fund payable on death is more than Rupees 11,00,000/- as of today.
✔ The fund payable will keep increasing with the number of increasing CBS members.
✔ Spouse also can become members by paying Rs. 1000/- extra and he or she becomes an associated member. They will have the same benefit.

“This is a pure number game = More the members in the scheme, More the Amount payable to the deceased family. So please join the scheme today only.”

*Fund payable to a member will depend on the number of valid members in the scheme existing at the time of death or disability, of the deceased member.

The fund will be given to the nominee within 30 days (maximum) on receiving confirmation of incidence, of course after satisfying the de-facto position of the case i.e. completed claim form with death certificate of member.

✔ Premium rates being paid by you are certainly less than the LIC table prescribed. You can consult your advisor/ solicitor advice from your fund manager too.
✔ Our Scheme is affordable, beneficial & safe and being handled by AMC